10x   your money in 20 months

Membership   pays   you

Buy a membership, get repaid 3x over its term.   Buy parallel memberships, get repaid 10x. How parallel memberships "compound" 3x to 10x.

Referrals pay worthwhile portions, 20 levels deep. How.

"The money comes from" an entire crypto-ecosystem established 2013. Build and benefit in the new-world win-win digital economy. How.

Now, generate greater good for all, including yourself.


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Simple, Brief, Full Explanation

Succinctly explains the basic Membership = 3x Rewards program and also 10x "compounding" via parallel "re-buys". Simple. Powerful.

A bit more info, deeper, broader

Re-iterates all of the above info plus the Referral Option that pays 20 levels deep and leverages the network to exponentially boost your passive rewards.

All of the best, most concise info we've found.

See also the individual videos linked below:

  • What is HyperFund ?

    In the words of its visionary founder, crypto-billionaire Ryan Xu, HyperFund lets dreamers realize their dreams while furthering a global blockchain community that fulfills all needs for a new, viable, self-propelling world economic reality. Membership in HyperFund is rewarded with daily payouts that can triple (or even 10x) the initial outlay. Opportunity exists to magnify the rewards by involving others in the joy.

  • Summary - Executive Overview

    The 2-minute high-level Executive Summary showing the Big Idea and practicalities of making a New Financial System built on myriad and interlinking digital crypto technologies thrive in our New World.

  • Large Ecosystem Funds Payouts

    Where does the money come from? How is it generated? What can possibly pay out 3x to 10x? It is the power of leverage in an inherently abundant ecosystem that cohesively involves all aspects of economy and finance realized in a new paradigm involving blockchain and crypto-currency.

  • Full Opportunity Presentation

    Comprehensive information about the companies, founders, strategies, and performance to-date. "If this group of billionaires reached out to you and asked if you'd like to partner with them in the next phase of the journey... Would you love to have gotten in on Facebook before it went public? What about Instagram, Snapchat? What about, what about, what about." ~6min This proven group offers a chance to get wealthy; what do you say? Here's that Next Chance you've been waiting for.

  • Compensation Plan - Tell 2 Friends, and so on...

    How to get started immediately, right away, Now. Before life gets in the way again as it always does. "Every day you get your rewards just for being part of the community." Now share the knowledge and opportunity; have your friends sign-up under you so everyone gains; help them get to where they want to be financially.

  • How It Works To Your Benefit

    A concise and clear explanation of the rewards.

  • What Is Blockchain ?

    The vital technologies explained in Plain English.

  • Success Stories - Testimonials

    Participation in financial abundance with its generational wealth can bring much-welcome life-changing improvements or leaps.

  • Deep Review - Critical Analysis

    'Pour acid on it' and see what happens, what holds up, what's really beneath the hype and sheen.

  • Due Diligence Documents

    Links to facts supporting all claims; verify everything yourself.